Be a Friend and Refer Your Friend!

  • The Refer a Friend program gives you an opportunity to help make a better to tomorrow for people with incurable illnesses or conditions. This program allows you to refer family or friends to participate in clinical research trials and earn a referral bonus in the process. Here are two ways you can become part of our Referral Family.

Be a Friend

Refer 4 or less friends or family members for clinical research trials. The Referer will receive $50 per qualified referral.

Be an Ambassador

Refer 5 or more friends or family members then you would be automatically enrolled into the Be an Ambassador Level. The Referer will receive $100 per qualified referral.

Rules and Restrictions 

  • All referrals must be new to Headlands Research. Referrals will be reviewed by Headlands Research staff to determine eligibility.
  • The friend or family member who is referred must provide the Referer's name and phone number for the Referer to qualify for the referral bonus.
  • The friend or family member referred must pass screening and be eligible for a clinical research study.
  • You may not advertise to get referrals. Any participant that advertises will be removed from the referral program and will not be eligible to receive the referral bonus.
  • Headlands Research reserves the right to change or remove the refer a friend program at any time.

Referral Form

  • Your Information

  • Referral's Information

    The information provided is how we will contact your referral.
  • Address

    7300 Sand Lake Commons Blvd. Med Plex A suite 200 Orlando, FL 32819

  • Phone

    (407) 705-3471

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